Of the night

It has been a while since i have attempted any serious astro-photography.

Acrux, Southern Cross - binary elements separated by lens flare

Chasing comet Swan brought me back, but i was not able to get a clear shot over the couple of nights it hid near the horizon (not through lack of help).

It was enough to get me to kick over the observatory and fire up the night cameras.


Anonymous said…
I am so glad you did
Julianne said…
Lol kicked down the observatory I remember the stories you told on building it.😂 love the images of the alpacas, take that back I love them all.
Peter Quinton said…
Thank you Anonymous - the cold has come with a vengeance, still. i will try again when the clouds leave the sky :)
Peter Quinton said…
Thanks Julianne :)
I am in a Black Hawk helicopter training range, and at night they target it, for practice :/

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