Saint Michaels Falls - Empire Pass and late Spring Wildflowers

Saint Michaels Falls (Blue Mountains) is beyond the ordinary maintained cliff-side track - the walk should not be attempted in wet or windy conditions or if the creeks are running fast. Access is by continuing the trail from Dantes Glen.  The falls themselves can be found in a small amphitheater, and has the same pancake sandstone form as Dantes Glen. The area is ruinous, old tourist seats are decaying back into the rainforests.

Wild flowers and trees of Empire Pass

Of particular interest in a late spring after rain is the emergence of trigger plants.

Trigger Plant


ARC said…
Spirits must dwell there, I think.
Your images capture the beauty and ruggedness of the location.
As for your macro shots?
Sublime, Peter. You've captured some really special flora.
Julianne said…
Spectacular images Peter. The trigger plant is quite fascinating the way it bops an insect on the head or body which in turns transfers pollen to another flower.

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