I spend a lot of time dreaming. Take care not to get caught in my dreams.

Sometimes my dreams become substantial. I record those here.


I sail an older trailer-sailer on lakes and estuaries. The Rambler did not come with a manual so i record stuff about it here.
- Rambler yacht: Description, Rigging
- Sailing Mallacoota Inlet
- Sailing Googong Dam
- Sailing Lake Burley Griffin
- Sailing Bateman's Bay
- Sailing Jervis Bay (TBA)

Metal and wood

I build with metal and wood. When younger, i liked having instructions and sometimes read them. Then i found a two volume explanation of how to build plank on frame models by Harold Underhill from Glasgow. Since then, i get a kick out of sitting with raw plans and working it out for myself (although it is hard to get Harold's voice out of my head). I only have one rule. I do not get hung up about finishing a project. The downside is that i have a lots of unfinished stuff.

- Da Vinci - iL Volo Instrumente, Articulated wing, Helicopter
Etrich Taube (Dove)
- Duigan Pusher
- Metal: Titanic, Mercantic
- Sail: Bounty, Jylland , Cutty Sark (Cross SectionHull), Le Havre Yacht
- Brass: Tellurium
Sky Ornaments


I have built a small observatory for imaging deep sky objects, but enjoy taking wide field star panoramas and planetary/moon shots as well:
- Building a Deep Space Observatory
- Taking different types of star/planet photos
- Deep Sky Objects, Southern Galaxies
- Recent wide field star shots: Dust clouds, Currendelella, Earth Moving
- Older wide field studies  Astrophotography , Centaurus Rising , Norma Rising , Scorpius Rising - I, Scorpius Rising - II , Orion
- Southern Cross
- Blood Moon


Low voltage tools and systems:
- Bike Wind-Mill
Building a Home Nuclear Fission Heat Transfer System


I travel a lot through the southern mountains (for time-travel, check out my stories):
 - Batemans Bay, New South Wales
- Mallacoota, Victoria
- Magnetic Island, Queensland
- Orange, New South Wales
- Grampians, Victoria
- Blue Mountains: JenolanWaterfalls, Den Fenella, New South Wales

Photographic Techniques

- Using Layers
- Long exposures - water
- Animation - I
- Animation - II
- Manipulating star fields


- Tomato Sauce - like it was in 1924
- Recipes of Aunty Vic


- What is in a name, a quaint philosophy
- Heavy Horses, Howard Edmonstone
- Pareidolia , Rock faces
- Sentiment
- Hunting Dark Alfs
- Apple Thief (Fox)
- Nevertire Primary School


- Alpacas: Farming AlpacasAlpacas, Babies 12 and 3 (plus full birth sequence), Shearing
- Horses: Berinia, Maddie
- Wind farming

Author: Peter Quinton
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