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 A couple of years back a superb photographer, Chris Sutton, proposed the establishment of a new cooperative social media site, which we call Tipua: www.tipua.com. It has become a comfortable home away from home for those artists that have joined the site - and a great place for the casual visitor to drop in.

The site attracted a number of talented artists from the former G+ social media service which Google ended. This information page will progressively deal with topics associated with the site - some help topics which require walk-throughs, and some dealing with the formal Australian incorporation of the cooperative.

Help - 1: Using Digests

You would normally look at Tipua on your web browser. But you can also get the service to send you summaries of new posts in a group you are interested in.  This service is only available to registered members and come to you by email to your registered email address.

To use this feature, first log in, and then select the Group you would like to get email updates from.

In this example, i have selected the 'Short Stories Group'/

You will see the phrase "Your email status is No Email (Get email updates)" under the "Short Story" title. To start getting emails for this group, click your mouse or tap on "Get email updates" in that phrase.

This will bring up a sub-menu.

Tap the option you want (they are fairly self explanatory). Here i tapped "Daily Digest".

The sub-menu will disappear and you will see that the message about status has changed to "Your email status is Daily Digest (Get email updates)".  You can change that back to one of the other options at any time.

You will now get a daily email from Tipua just about the Group you have chosen, bringing you up to date with what has changed in that group, with links back to the site you can follow. 

This is a great option if you want to keep track on particular groups or if you are doing a mentorship and need to follow learning conversations. It is probably not a good idea to select daily digest for every group on the site - if you select too many and start getting too much mail, choose the "no email" option in the sub-menu we saw above.

Help - 2: Adding Multiple Images in One Post 

Normally, in Tipua you will post a single image to a post. However there are a couple of situations where you might post a couple of images and associated text in a post. For example, assume that you are doing an assignment for a mentorship, and each person is asked to submit 5 images with explanatory text. Organizing all of these in a single post makes sense.

Step 1

Navigate to the Group you want to post in (for example, the mentorship group) and start a new post. Here I have called the post "Test Post". To start adding media, click the Attack Media button.

Step 2
Let us assume you have been asked to add 5 images for the assignment (for simplicity sake, let us call these images 1-5, and you want them to show in order 1-5). Add the last image - 5 - first.

Step 3
One by one, add the other 4 images, in reverse order.

Step 4
Press Post. You will see the post emerge with your title, and the pictures organised in the right order. Note that only the first 4 images will appear.  Before progressing press "Read more" (at the end of the pictures.

Step 5
Now you will see your post with all the pictures you have included in the right order.

Step 6
To add information to each individual picture, click on the picture you want to add stuff to. Clicking one will let you add a comment. Here you can also add an associated image (for example, you might be asked to add an image of your camera set up for that particular picture). Pictures added here will appear in the comments section.

Step 7
To navigate to the next picture, put your mouse over the arrows to the left and right of the image.

Step 8
For example, clicking the right arrow will move you to the next picture (2).
While in this mode, moving through the images, there are a couple of other options - if you click far left or right you will move back to the post screen (shown in Step 5 above). You might want to "Edit" this image.

Step 9
You may never need this option - but clicking Edit will bring up a further submenu that lets you change the name of the image, add a description or add it to an album.

Step 10
Again, you may never need this option - but clicking "Image" in the "Edit" menu will bring up a further submenu that lets you change the form of the image - rotate it or scale it :/

Update on Incorporation

Tipua will be incorporated as a Co-operative under the law of New South Wales, Australia once the global pandemic comes to an end. 

Under the Rules of the Co-operative, active members each have one vote and may make decisions on all matters concerning the co-operative.

Advisors to the Co-operative have included a number of members of the Google Plus Creative program, and well known artists, photographers, lawyers, writers and poets from that platform. Rules have been uploaded to the documents section of the Site Updates group. 

An informal group of members guides the direction, with valuable input from many active members. Those who’ve very generously donated their time to discussion about the site direction include Steve Kruger, Heiko Mahr, Wayne, Emaralive, Brian Christian and Angelo Gifford. In addition, many members have spent their valuable time testing and suggesting and helping to iron out the inevitable kinks in an undertaking such as this, including Jim Robertson, Jeff Green, Eleftheria Kostopoulou, Greg Kerr amongst many others. 

We appreciate the patience and commitment of everyone who’s devoted time to helping to grow and make the site an interesting place to be. (And a special mention must go to Julianne who has created the Word Of The Day themes and other initiatives to bring the community together and fund the running costs of the service. 

The Tipua website has features common to most social media and social networking sites: users can post text and images to a site Activity Feed and into Groups. Users can “like” posts. General posts can be seen by registered or unregistered visitors. Users may be informed of responses to posts, or site content which tags them. As members are part of a co-operative, they will be regularly engaged in co-operative activities by email. 

Tipua is available through ordinary web browsers. No stand-alone applications have been announced, although members have discussed the desirability of cross-platform mobile apps downstream. All user generated content belongs to the individual owner, not the co-operative. Terms of service are world jurisdiction compliant.

Background to Tipua

Our shared vision for this social media site is to create a safe place where members can share the gift of art, images, craft and sound with all the peoples of the world. 

The word “Tipua” is a Māori word used to describe uncanny things – the spirits found in trees and rocks as a result of misfortune. People would give gifts to the land, through the Tipua. 

Chris Sutton, the creator of Tipua, came from New Zealand. Today he lives in the southern highlands of New South Wales in Australia, and is a photographer who has exhibited work on social media and in galleries. 

Our experience with the failed Google Plus social media platform led him to create Tipua to avoid systemic problems that plagued the Google social media site and other corporate/individual social media owned platforms, including lack of focus, management disinterest and consistent failure to provide a stable platform free of pornography and graphic violence. He believed that a co-operative built around creators would avoid many of the problems that dogged the defunct Google Plus and, particularly, the sudden management decision to terminate that site.


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