The bones of our world are old - we stopped listening to them ages ago


I am Peter: I am a wanderer, lawyer, author and photographer. 

Silent theory surrounds us and we are blind to it.  We have forgotten simple things: why we have seven days, what the names mean, how patterns intersect.

A lifetime ago, I started writing about silent theory in Syntaxis - a book about game theory. Later, I used that work in social and legal theory: building a constitution of a newly formed state and rewriting its civil law. I joined a small group of people who, across the ages, have studied our most ancient laws, customs and beliefs. 

For the last couple of decades, I have been running at 100 miles a second, working deep in the interspaces between the bones of our world, working with silent theory.   

This place is my way of slowing down a little, starting to give the bones voice, and having some fun. In the past couple of years, i have written 9 novels (and, with CR Bravo, 3 graphic novels), explored countless wild places, photographed waterfalls and enjoyed my life.

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Author: Peter Quinton
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