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Dark Aelf Publishing Label (publishing details)

Writing in Progress
In Praise of Summer (2018) sequel to In Search of Spring
Letters (2018) (In the style of Pliny)

Dream Chocolate 2 (with +CR Bravo)
La versión en español está aquí: Sueño de Chocolate 2
Twilight Animations (with +CR Bravo and lots of talented people) 

Looking for Spring (2018)
Vampire Girl (2018) with +CR Bravo
Twilight of the Gods (2017) - now available on Amazon
The Dragons Eye Diptych (2017) - now available on Amazon
Three Wishes (2015) - now available on Amazon
Ancora Tu (2016) - shortly available on Amazon
Freyja: The Seven Stories of the World (2016)
Looking for Spring (2015)
Catalyst (2015)

Short Stories
An Australian Wedding (2016)
Cliff Side (2016)
The Parkes Cycle
     Book 1: The Long Tailor (collection) (2014)
The Kormak and Steingerd Cycle (collection) (2014)
Troublesomebooks (2014)

Food, Music and poetry
Recipe Book: Catherine Victoria Edmonstone (food) (2015)
Chant Neoen (sound clip) (2015)
Poetry (fragments) (2006-2014)
Wall Papers

Guides to Story-Telling
Experiments in story telling on G+: Building Dragon's Eye
Guide to free self publication within Google


Dream Chocolate 2

A short film about how one little chocolate changes the world. In collaboration with +CR Bravo, +CR Bravo (illustrations, animation) and +Peter Quinton (story).  La versión en español está aquí: Sueño de Chocolate 2

Letters (Writing in progress)

GIVE me a penny, and I will tell you a story "worth gold"... Letters inspired by Pliny the Younger. Letters (2017)

Ancora Tu

The world is changing. The traditional guardians of the world are being displaced by smart phones and eBooks. In the final days of the great libraries, two very different librarians confront the future. But, in Betty's library, some of the books are awakening.
Ancora Tu Novel

Freyja: The Seven Stories of the World

In the week after his capture, the thief told the Goddess Freyja the seven great stories of the world, the stories that bind humans together. While he entertained her, he hunted for his escape. She watched him struggle, casting her own spells that dragged him into the future.
Freyja: The Seven Stories of the World novel

Three Wishes

Maybe a love story. Mary is looking for love in all the wrong places. This time she has found a Genie imprisoned inside a computer. However, Mary's dreams of love are complicated by product disclosure laws and the powers that be.

Looking for Spring

Scientists are racing to develop drugs that extend life. Jemma has helped develop a drug which will give those rich enough another decade of life. But it comes with a catch. Those who have taken the drug, and perhaps Jemma herself, eventually cannot distinguish between dream and reality.

Book 1: Looking for Spring novel

Book 2: In praise of Summer (in progress)
Book 3: A despair of the Fall (est 2019)


A story of heart-lines, time travel, the fall of kings and the elven-path. And 1975.

Catalyst novel

Twilight of the Gods

Graphic Novel with the New York artist +CR Bravo

c. CR Bravo 2017

The Gods were already old when talk started of retirement.

Only Zeus hung grimly to his corner of the old palace atop Mount Olympus. The others tended to avoid the place because the walk up the mountain left them gasping for air. Instead, they had drifted off, joining the diaspora to new places with the rest of their countrymen and women.

Here is the real story of the final days of the old Gods as they try to find a foothold in the modern world.

The original artwork, story, audio and animations that accompanies it can be found on G+ at CR Bravo's Umbertales Collection.

The Dragons Eye Diptychs

A braided yarn about the great war between spider and dragon kin.

You say - The dragon must be asleep by now. Go get the gold, I cannot wait any longer.
I whisper - I am not sure. I think its eyes are still a little open.

This story was constructed in the G+ stream in early 2015.

The Parkes Cycle

A cycle of stories around Henry Parkes, the father of Australia.
Book 1: The Long Tailor: Set around the life of Irish-Australian bushranger, the Long Tailor. 
Book 2: Death of a Prince Under construction
Book 3: Gipps Land Under construction

The Kormak and Steingerd Cycle

Retelling an old Icelandic saga of their love.
The Kormak and Steingerd Cycle short stories


Ever had problems with a book that bites? Try this one.
Troublesomebooks Story short story

Chant Neoen 

Neoen breaks an enchantment to escape, at the cost of war. 
Chant Neoen - sound clip


I worry when a friend reaches for their handwritten collection of poetry (but I hasten to assure you, I am not talking about you or your poetry). Good poetry is an art form few live long or hard enough to develop. My poetry is pretty ordinary:
     I see past days
     Snow flake warming in your hair
     As mist takes my eye
I am persuaded, against my better judgement, to publish it now. Please do not read it without taking the precautions outlined in the link.
I have now published a small book of these. A link to the book is on the Poetry page.


Catherine Victoria Edmonstone's recipe books in book form. A picture of the kitchen of an inland settler between the great wars.
Recipe Book: Catherine Victoria Edmonstone - food

Author: Peter Quinton
Profile: Google

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