1: Letters

3. State Banks
4. To my mother
5. A smile in their eyes
6. Predicting Risk
7. The Big Man from Sydney
8. On Leadership - To Catilius Severus

2: Lectures

My published lectures are about contemporary civil law and are intended for the general reader. They are arguments around core issues that concern me: certainty/risk and legal realism.

Be prepared to be offended. I have no truck with the well meaning corrupt or those who consider law a modern invention of their own making. 

The lectures can be found here.

3: Texts

I am part-way through proofing an extensive text on the development of Fair Trial in the US. I will publish extracts here as I proof them.  

4: Opinions

With the Australian Risk Policy Institute I have prepared the following published submissions:

1. Access to land to coal seam gas or petroleum exploration - January 2014
2. Transport costs for a monopoly provider - January 2014
3. Mandatory Child Seat Restraints - January 2014
4. Regulating Heavy Vehicles on Australian Roads - January 2014
5. Inquiry into the Wrongs Act - January 2014
6. Water security for South East Queensland - January 2014
7. Modernising Queensland Resource Acts - January 2014

In a private capacity I have closely considered emerging policy aspects:
1. Chinese economy - the Credit sectorUpdate 2/14Update 3/14
2. Managerialism - in progress
3. Oil Pricing - in progress

A periodic update of recent Australian policy issues:
1. April 2014

Background Papers for the Institute:
Making Sense of Risk
Commission of Audit - Taxation Issues
Federation White Paper - Background Briefing on Vertical Fiscal 
Federation White Paper - Background Briefing on Regional Issues
Federation White Paper - Progress
Regulatory Reform - Apprentices

Misc ARPI material:
Meeting with ICCPM

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