Friday, 21 December 2018

Waterfalls and Waterways of East Gippsland

I want to record a vote of thanks to all those who have helped out over the past month in photographing the falls of East Gippsland: those who have helped get me back from tricky places, those who quietly work to keep the remote trails, waterways and roads safe, and the many others who have shared a journey, or stopped to chat and contribute yarns, secret falls and personal stories about growing up in this amazing place. Thanks!

Red Banksia at an unnamed fall below Mount Coopracambra

In 2018/19, an intensive photographic exploration documented the seven major southern flowing river systems in the East Gippsland region (the Genoa, Cann, Bemm, Snowy, Tambo, Nicholson and Mitchell) and the alpine tributaries of the Murray. 

The river systems are remarkable condition, possibly because a large proportion remain in public ownership. The rivers flow through a significant range of ecosystems from sub-alpine, high meadows, arid and wet highlands. rainforest and sand dunes. The coastal areas are dotted with lakes and swamps. And the waterfalls...

As we gather the material for publication in book form, we will also publish some of the material on this blog.

An index to the material can be found HERE.

Thanks, again, for all the help!


Jaybees Photo blog said...

Merry Christmas Peter, It's been a pleasure following you on Google plus and the journey will now continue thru Blogger. I've learn't alot about this wonder country from you and will be enjoying more I hope in the New year. ♥♥♥ Julianne

Jai Baidell said...

Thank you, I'm homesick for the mountains now after reading your posts.
You mention that these areas are in good condition -- I'm thinking that their sheer inaccessibility is a big factor in this, and you have contributed to keeping them safe with your comments about the horrendous and terrifying roads, excellent work!
Enjoy the summer, be safe.

Monique Helfrich said...

Merry Christmas, Peter !
Happy to see you will lead us for another beautiful grave in your country .

Anonymous said...

Appreciate this post. Will try it out.

Anonymous said...

Pretty! This was a really wonderful article.
Thank you for providing this information.

Peter Quinton said...

Thanks Julianne - I will be here :) I do not know about you, but blogs feel a bit more permanent for now :)
ps - i have found

Peter Quinton said...

Hi Jai :) The mountains call me, even though i come from the plains.
Some think me foolhardy for travelling some of these roads, even though i have a high level of formal training (gained through service in the rural fire service) in traversing disused and dangerous fire trails.
Still, cautious encouragement leads me to places when i might otherwise give up :)

Peter Quinton said...

Thank you Monique, may the year treat us all well :)
Just recently I have seen sights that will stay with me forever, i am working hard to try and catch some of the excitement before it all becomes a dream :)

Julianneb said...

I think so at this stage too, although I do wonder howlong blogger will remain, the way google is chopping and chaging products.
Yes Peter that's my blog , I haven't a clue on what I'm doing :-))

Peter Quinton said...

Blogs are nice and easy - but you are right about Google slashing and burning.
The lesson i learned from G+ is that you must have your own URL and you must have full control of it. Once you control your own address, you are beholden to none - even if Blogger (which is nice and simple) closes, the site will go on for as long as i want. It is permanent :)