Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Beehive Creek Falls, Coopracambra National Park, Victoria

The Beehive Creek is an lively stream that drops through a series of unique red-rock chutes in the  Coopracambra National Park, in South East Gippsland.

The falls themselves are remote and undeveloped. There is some minimal signage directing hikers to the falls, but the tracks are indistinct and small treacherous side streams can be easily mistaken for paths (there was some signs of road work, so improvements to the locality might be in the offing). This is a wilderness area, but when i explored the park in 2016, i found clear signs of wild dogs, pigs and deer (all to be wary of, and all signs near the falls tracks). This place may be full of unpleasant surprises.
The creek valley itself is very pretty, with plenty of water holes and cascades. However, access to the water is difficult, and you will probably need a decent zoom camera to image the chutes.
Access is from the Monaro Highway near the locality of Chandlers Creek. A gravel fire trail (?) is signed at the highway with the name of the Falls and there are a number of minimal parking areas some distance into the park next to Beehive Creek.



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