Sunday, 20 November 2016

Tuross Falls: Wadbilliga National Park

Tuross Falls in the Wadbilliga National Park is a large single leap fall coming from two chutes on the upper reaches of the Tuross River. This river has many falls and cascades (from the falls lookout another 4 falls can be seen), but most of the river is inaccessible.

1. Access from the West. About 2hrs drive from Canberra to the Wadbilliga camping area (toilets and bbqs). From here a 2.2km walk to the falls viewing platform (2.5hrs). The base of the falls is inaccessible. The Wadbilliga Cascades is 15 minutes from the camping area and has a number of pools for swimming.
2. Access from the East. Some hikers have have suggested a second access path via the Bumberry Creek Fire Trail. I have not attempted that path which seems to end in the vicinity of the cliffs in the background of these images.

You will need a 200mm+ zoom for this waterfall with water reflection and ND filters to allow long exposure shots (like the first multi-shot photo in this series). You will also get some decent shots of the massive cliffs behind the falls with a wide angle lens or a phone camera.

Resist the urge to scramble over the side. There is no safe way to the base of the falls.



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