Friday, 7 October 2016

Carrington Falls, Budderoo National Park, Robertson, NSW

Description: The Kangaroo River falls 50m (150') into the Upper Kangaroo Valley over a sandstone escarpment.

Notes:  Budderoo National Park, access by travelling along the Jamberoo Mountain Road from Robertson or Jamberoo. Turn onto the unsealed Cloonty Road at the Carrington Falls sign and follow for about 2km. Warning: watch the road signage carefully, as online maps maytake you to the wrong location. There are two separate car parks, one for the falls (closed in 2016 due to bushfire damage), and the other for walks (open in 2016). Viewing of the falls is from a well-maintained metal structure and there are short walks along the escarpment. There is no apparent access to the base of the falls.


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