Friday, 1 January 2016

Last night

...i could not sleep. So i went and bothered the stars instead, trying to get  a shot of the Jewel Box, near the Southern Cross.

While the sky looked dark and clear, i could not get the photographs to focus. i tried a couple of camera bodies and lenses without success. If you look at Mimosa in the second photo, the top right of the star is overblown with a distinct blurring, as were the other stars. Perhaps high winds or some other form of disturbance.

Southern Cross (note false colors in the background, i could not resolve a satisfactory image)

Mimosa (top left)

The following night the skies were clear and i managed to get some clear shots of the Jewel Box @ 200mm.

It left me wondering about the source of the interference the night before. A significant coronal hole had opened and mid latitudes experienced great auroral activity. Perhaps geomagnetic disturbances were responsible for the first two images in this post.

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