Saturday, 13 February 2016

Alpaca birth sequence

It is probably sensible to separate mothers in labor from other alpacas. Other alpacas may be curious, and males may become aggressive and unpredictable.

20 minutes: At the end of 20 minutes of visible labor, the tips of two front legs protruded.

27 minutes: Front legs and part of head protrude. Baby starts to breathe and move legs.

34 minutes: Head fully outside with part of neck. The mother gets up and walks a little distance then lies down again, and starts to bleat. This sounds acts as an audible signal to others, which become defensive. Male alpacas become aggressive.

38 minutes: The chest and then back legs are expelled. Baby fully outside. Mother is very still for about a minute. Baby breaths and twists during this period.

Within a very short period, the mother jumps up and starts to groom the baby, licking and drying the fleece. The baby moves into a cush position and strains to raise its head.

About an hour later, the baby is on four shaky feet and drinking.

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