Sunday, 31 January 2016

Bungendore Show - 2016

The Bungendore Show is a relatively quiet affair.

All the usual rural show stuff happened.

Well, mostly.

There was a thrill of guilty expectation, and the normal pavilions were lightly populated. .

This was because most people were off watching the Dachshund race. 64 Dachshund were booked to come along (the final number was about 125). Some came in tutus.

On the race track, mayhem reigned. There was some muttering about Unconventional Techniques. But there is nothing in the rules about using mind control (dachshunds are highly susceptible to suggestion) nor the use of favorite (un-alive) stuffed animal toys.

In the end, despite the mutterings, some of the competitors put on a terrific burst of speed, shooting into the air like, well, like a dachshund. Leaving all the others left behind, watching in disbelief.

Some of the dachshunds looked different from the others.

There was almost more controversy here than the cut-throat scone buttering competition, but it looked like fun.

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