Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Spheres - concept art, Dragons Eye

A little while back I wrote the prologue to a book to follow Dragons Eye. The universe in which the story is set, involves the dozen stars that have come blindingly close to our own Sun in the past millennia (close enough to kick some ice bodies in far orbit around our sun into devastatingly dangerous collisions with our Earth). Before continuing, I wanted to flesh out each of the imaginary worlds involved in the story, including civilizations and technologies. While working on this, news came of the discovery of an Earth-like planet in the Goldilock zone of one of Earth's neighbouring stars (a small colder sun, one of the Wolfs).

I have been writing more intensively the last few weeks, and am starting the process of visualizing each of the star systems.

This concept piece, of the moon Terrorfar, involves a series of different transformations. The relevant system has two small suns, and I have imagined a perilous civilization based on low gravity and solar technologies. For this, I have returned to da vinci's articulated wing (Codex Atlanticus) which some think part of the motive force for a flying machine, but which i think is clearly an attempt to describe a complex of controls for the surfaces of such - perhaps the braking system for a glider (as used by birds during landing). It could be used as a motive force only if external force was applied - by the wind - or in this imaginary piece, by the suns.

The three basic images are included below.

I first applied a distortion filter to the sunset using CC Photoshop to spherize the sunset. This creates a nice planetary effect.

I created a circular mask and burnt the left hand side of the moon to darken it.

Then I added the star field backdrop.

I then added a lens flare to simulate one of the two suns in the system, then added the articulated wing and a filament layer (using a liquify filter) to simulate force fields acting as solar sails.

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