Monday, 31 August 2015

Chant Neoen - Collaboration project

Chant Neoen is micro-animation project. To mark the first day of Spring, the musical soundtrack for the animation is released here - alternatively, copy this link into your browser:

The chant tells of a break in the war between Sephyr and Hanin. Sephir enchants Hanin to achieve peace. However Sephir’s handmaiden, Neoen, breaks the enchantment and escapes with him at the cost of war.

In High Elvish, 'Neoen' means 'Nobody'.

Chant Neoen

Terrible power
 Through ruined Sephyr roiled -
  Killed him there she could
Hesitate a beat
 Curiosity – but why
  In their dire ever-war?
A memory tear forms
 Dim childhood recognition -
  Elusive time drifts
Then snow-quiet she came
 And talked no menace awhile -
  Though enslaved Neoen 
Mounted side by side
 As winter-spring griped them close,
  Glamour struck was he
Too fast it ended -
 Neoen forced violent paths
  To speak the cause
Escaped Sephyr, Neoen
 Fled T’eldraicht way to hide
  Running with elf friend
T’eldraicht dreaming
 Reality flickers
  Hide and seek, sweet nymph
Running together,
 Playing forever, beneath soft
  Spring dappled sunlight
In triumph and death
 His parry her heal his smile
  Her laughter, lives here
Living and running
 Surf smashing herb gathering
  Treasured company
Bleeding back into
 Another world unbidden
  Other eyes watching
As shadows build deep
 In councils far different
  The war drums call hate
Absences noted
 Friendship and ancient binds
  Demanding return
Warrior Hanin
 Incomplete battle plans near
  Uncertain pauses
Far Sephyrr, mage
 Cold in under city 
  Argues then withdraws
Duties unattended
 Insistence crowding, but still
  The two watch afar
War hate in them cold
 Must thoughts of peace unravel?
  Moon-fall alone lost
Fragile dreamers dance
 Bound tighter, dream within dream
  Fading together
Orchestration DJ Kaos, Chant P Quinton
Pre-release, 1 September 2015
Animation, later this year.

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