Monday, 20 July 2015

Currendelella - The stars and the unseen river

In 1929, CW Peck recorded a legend of the first people about death. The legend, as recounted by Peck is problematic for a couple of reasons. It is recorded late, it appears to graft european cultural elements into the story and its provenance is uncertain.

Without being concerned with the detail of the story, it tells that when you leave the world and travel back to the stars the path is clear. There are some risks: the shoals of Magellan's Clouds and the current of the unseen river (where the turtle lost its tail). Do not fret waiting for a leader. There is no surer guide to the path than the lomatia as its winged seeds are blown into the sky before the wind. 

Image: Milky Way last night, test blend of multiple shots stacked with allowance for geometric distortion. Blended by hand.

Detail, Milky Way

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