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Catalyst: Characterisation

Main characters

Labrinth - Stephanie
Female DOB 16/2/1947. Age 27. Grew up in Sydney, did not meet her parents.
Counter insurgency, Intelligence, Weapons Specialist, Vehicle Specialist
Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), on secondment to Australian Temporal Research Facility
A foreign affairs officer, in a year that had seen Australian embassies in a range of countries close with the fall of the South Vietnamese capitol of Saigon and the descent into chaos of a dozen other countries. Failed to get a posting to Spain before being appoited to the ATRF.

Dawn Moss: Female DOB 1950, Age 1975: 25  2015: 65  Married Chas  Senior doctor, Nowra hospital

Cannonball - Chas Moss
Male DOB 1945, Age 1975:30  2015: 70   Married Dawn
Ex-Navy, air wing. 2IC Australian Temporal Research Facility
Retired to Nowra, Flying charters, 3 float planes including a yellow bi-plane.

Chosen - David Moss: Male DOB May 1985    Former girl friend: Mary Degree Aeronautic Engineering Woolongong University

Catalyst - Peter: Male, lives on Great Dividing Range on a farm

Australian Temporal Research Facility
Benedict - Andrew Tate: Mission Controller Male DOB 1925, Age 1975:50  2015: 90
Brent: Director DelCon, establishes the Base Artificial Intelligence.
Grant: 2IC DelCon
Brad: Head engineer
Graham: Guidance
Brian and Sam: Team members
Base Artificial Intelligence: Female, vested with control of the Facility with a defensive priority.

Shalaye - Rain: Takes the form of a hawk. In human form, an older woman, skin burnt dark with the sun and the years, a neat dress, her accent distinctly New Zealand.
Bavole - Wind: Takes the form of a cat. In human form, a hunter.
Adria - Fire: Takes the form of darkness.

Australian Land Forces 2015
General Paige: Charged with recovery of Australian Temporal Research Facility members and the decommissioning of the facility.
Major Banks: Appointed to assist Benedict.

Mary Handren: Female, girlfriend of David Moss. Her brothers are thugs.
Patroclus: A black cat.

Image: The human figures here are Labrinth and David, in one of the orbital habitats, as foreshadowed in the later part of the novel. The figures to the left are the guardians - Shalaye (the hawk Rain), Bavole (the cat Wind) and Adria (the ball of flame).

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