Monday, 2 March 2015

Dragons Eye - Timeline

In a yarn, a story of the bush told around a fire, it is common for there to be many voices. One voice may start the story, telling what the person knows. Others may take over and finish the story. While others may question and probe the story with “what ifs” and “what happened before”.

This story is told that way – with the voice changing. Initially, I start with two main voices, Pete and Anthem. To emphasise the personal point of view, their names are not spoken until late in the work. Towards the end of the story, other voices emerge, particularly Kathy.

Like the real world, none of the voices speak with knowledge of the entirety. To find out what is going on, every voice must be heard, but even then, not all will be revealed. In this sense, the yarn is a puzzle, and the interaction of voices the key to resolving it. 

The below timeline - from earliest to latest - may help place the story and voices into context.

Yellow Dragon lair

Kathy and Pete – refer to their past and how their came to have farms nearby
Bob meets the wraith Belle and they explore unstable area overlapping Gliese 710 and Christchurch
Kathy – her discovery of alfs in her garden and dragons in the forest nearby
Pete – stumbles across a dragon taking rainbow gold and watches where the dragon goes
Kathy – tries to talk Pete out of following Dragon, and instead follows him, with Storm, at a distance
Pete - enters Yellow Dragon lair, communicating with Anthem, but suffers head injury
Pete – escapes lair with alfs and travels to spider realm in Gliese 710
Kathy – watches the near disasters
Storm – Kathy sends Storm home

New Zealand

Pete – alfs hide Pete in unstable area overlapping Gliese 710 and Christchurch
Pete – wakes and talks to Anthem
Kathy – has also travelled to the unstable area, contacts Storm.
Pete – to avoid Spiders, alfs genetically modify Pete and attempt to escape
Anthem – directed to unstable area to assist investigations into the events
Kathy -  plans with Bob (and Belle) for a rescue.
Anthem – after entering the unstable area, escapes with Bob, learns of Belle's capture, encounters Green Dragon

Water world - Gliese 710

Anthem – plans rescue of Belle with Bob, alfs genetically modify Anthem, travels to Gliese 710
Anthem – Bob, alfs and Anthem rescue Belle, wraiths, Pete and alfs
Anthem – avoids genetic restoration, but increasingly becomes confused
Kathy – Bob and wraiths take Pete and Kathy into wraith zone on Gliese 710
Anthem - Two years after entering the wraith zone, Anthem and Pete complete genetic modification to black dragon-kin and return to unstable area overlapping Gliese 710 and Christchurch

New Zealand/Australia

Anthem - Anthem is poisoned as she leaves the area and flees to the blue dragons lair with the intention of resetting the timeline
Onesti - At the same time, Pete is returned to his farm with memory block. 
Anthem - One week later, is faced with the choice of pursuing uncertainty with resetting the time line or with Pete and Storm setting off to find Kathy.

Peter Quinton
March 2015

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