Sunday, 22 March 2015

Characterization - (Wraiths) Belle, Wander, Growl

This is a post about the Dragons Eye story line briefly outlining some of the wraith characters.

Wraiths are an advanced and highly adaptive aquatic race from the water world Heteriopia circling the gas giant Farsigh at Gleise 710.  They are similar in height and form to humans. Eyes are larger (their working environments are darker), arms and legs hinged differently, and they have no external ear organ. They are hairless.

The racial description "wraith" is a English form of a more complex name, that roughly means "the sea people".  It is nonetheless appropriate because of the slightly translucent skins of the people.


Female Wraith, Captain of the sky-yacht "Whist" at Gleise 710. Befriends the human Bob.  She has voyaged to each of the nine worlds. She knows of the danger of the spider-kin and how some worlds had been overrun, while others resisted. She is aware of the ravages of the dragon-kin, but is prepared to risk the presence of the black dragons. She has a love of the deep homes of her own people, far under the waves, and the towers they had built to watch the stars.


Female Wraith, fisher on the sky-boat Whist. Partnered with Wander.  Tells of dreams of flying as a young child. Teaches Pete and Anthem to fly the scurry - a small wing that is towed by the sky-yacht and can skim the surface or rise above the yatch for lookout purposes.


Male Wraith, navigator on the sky-yacht Whist. Partnered with Growl. He enjoys talking about his youth as a fisher equally with stories of battling the sky currents of the middle latitudes. He is one of the few to have ventured to the low Southern ice plains of their world.

Peter Quinton
March 2015

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