Friday, 20 February 2015

On Dragonkin

Dragons Eye - Interlude I

Imagine Onesti and Teathyme. 

Sitting in a nest high in a cottage garden of leaves and flowers. Grey and white cats curled up in the dark below. The faint smell of a wood stove. An old stone house with a dark and comfortable stable nearby. Heavy old post and raid fences with horses grazing the fields. Ironwork decorations shining in the starlight, along the side of all the buildings.

Onesti asks – Tell me again the names of the dragon-kin.


Teathyme sings -

Fey orange dragons
Sweep low and fast above the ground
Ready for battle

Cruel green dragons
Drop from high on prey unwary
Holding in castles

Plagued red dragons
Burn and ruin village and forest
Whole cities flatten

One blue dragon
Travels fast the web and timelines
Blurring past with talon

Onesti smiles and lies back, drinking nectar and the starlight. 

She asks another favour  - So which is the most to be feared?

Teathyme stares at the stars and smiles – We are, blood sister.

Peter Quinton
February 2015

Image – Green dragon, Yandyguinula Creek, Molonglo High Plains

(No dragons or cats or spiders were hurt writing this part.)

This is a continuation of a story (a "braided yarn") that started on an earlier G+ post. Details and story are Here

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