Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dragon's Eye - concept

To us all a full life and a fair measure of prosperity, happiness, pleasure and joy until we are visited by the lord of death, the destroyer of delights and the one who parts companions.

There is gold at the end of some rainbows.  Gold beyond imaginings.

But this time the dragon beat me there.  I had to watch from a safe distance while the dark alfs scattered and the dragon picked up the gold and flew off.
You said - I thought dragons were your friends and would surely share the spoils:)). *

I said -  Some people say you can train a dragon to come at a whistle, to fly you around a bit, put in a fire break, retrieve a straying sheep and enjoy said sheep BBQ'ed. Some claim you can even sit back and swap the odd story with a dragon.  To be sure, if it suits their purposes, you might get a bit of a lift, but when it comes to gold, the blinkers come down and it is every dragon for itself. 

You said – oh is that so? You spin a nice yarn and the beauty is that it is so believable:)

I said - I am just going on what others tell me about their dragons. The dragons I normally have to deal with are just plain ornery. 

But while sensible people would not walk off in the direction of a dragon, off I set. Most people I know do not believe in dragons.  The further they live away from the dragons, the less they believe. But when you live up the road and across the valley from one, it is a different matter.

So here I am.  In the Dragon’s lair, at the top of the mountain.  We have been waiting a little while.

You say - The dragon must be asleep by now. Go now, I cant wait any longer.  

I whisper - I am not sure. I think its eyes are still a little open.

You say - You are completely safe.  Quick, before the others come back.

I say - It is ok for you, you are on the other side of the world.

You say - Come on - you said it would be fun.  All that gold.  

I say (a little louder) - it is a bit more complicated.  Dragons eat people.

A tinkle in the distance.

You say - I do not believe in dragons anyway. It is just another one of your stories.  

I look at the dragon, and it looks back at me.


* This short story arose from a post in the G+ stream and includes text contributed by +madhura ravishankar and ideas from +Ann Pollak and others 
to the post.  

Increasingly, a lot of G+ posts feel like this. Everyone participates in the post, and so contributes to and changes the story. I post this as an example of how a story can develop on G+.  In this form, it is a shared story, belonging to all who helped develop it.

The image of the dragons eye was created from the below image - taken last night.  I duplicated the image, vertically flipped the copy and added it at the top, using elements of the forest to fill in the resulting hole on the left. I then liquified the image to create a slight curved shape, and boosted exposure.  Finally I significantly reduced the size of the image, reducing the quality of the objects (stars and forest) - leaving a hint of both. 

Peter Quinton
February 2015
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