Thursday, 15 May 2014

Imaginary Cities - Overview

A note to announce a #moonshot collaboration between a number of photographers and graphic designers to envision a number of #imaginarycities.  The collaboration will work around real locations with historical records to show what might have been - and what might yet be achieved.

When the planning phase is completed, it is planned to complete one "imaginary city" a month .  Further developments will be posted with the hashtag #invisiblecities.

The collaboration arose out of a whimsical post a little while ago about Canberra.

Imaginary Cities  Canberra

Some Australians do not believe Canberra is real, real in the sense of having a heart and a soul.  It is a planned city.  Working at the National Library again today, I wondered if they just have it the wrong way around.

Regional Infrastructure Resources

Peter Quinton
May 2014
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