Thursday, 17 April 2014

Apple Thief

Can vanish in an instance.

Foxes and I presently have a truce - and I am happy to report no casualties on either side - although they persist with an occasional unsuccessful raid on my hens.

This fox heard the camera click - the next frame, taken a fraction of a second later, showed simply a motion blur in the far right corner.

I love the old practice of associating a child with an animal and bird - with their skills and faults. My own association with the dingo/wolf came late and I am still adjusting to it.

I used to have a negative view of foxes.  One day, years ago, hunting wild boars in the wilds of Wee Jasper, I stumbled upon a fox and her cubs, playing on a bank beneath an old waterfall.  I spent the rest of the day watching them playing in the sun.

Since then I have not had the heart to take up arms against the Fox.  

Although their frequent breaches of my Truce has sorely tempted me.

Peter Quinton
Palerang  April  2014

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